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Flat Clearance / Household Clearance Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

Your reliable partner for the dissolution of an apartment in Nuremberg

As a long-established Nuremberg family business with many years of experience, we are active in the following areas:

  • Resolutions
  • discount purchases
  • household resolutions
  • antique purchases

For many years people have trusted and valued us when it comes to reliable and reliable apartment resolution in Nuremberg and the surrounding area. We offer you the full service:

✓ Many years of experience
✓ on site within 24 hours
✓ Vacation on your desired date
✓ Binding fixed prices

Are you facing the challenge of having to vacate an apartment or house in a short period of time and hand it over to the landlord clean and swept? We will help you to ensure that the household dissolution is carried out discreetly and on time.

Professional competence and experience in apartment dissolutions in Nuremberg

If you do not have the possibility to evacuate an apartment or house yourself, just give us a call. One of our qualified employees will take the time for a detailed information meeting. We will explain to you the procedure for dissolving an apartment and, of course, we will come to the object which is to be vacated. Thus we can get an overview of the existing inventory and the extent of the disposal.

We will immediately make you an offer for the work involved. For all usable objects, antique pieces of furniture or jewellery and coin collections you will of course receive a value credit.

Vacating flats for a short time

Often it is necessary that an apartment must be dissolved within a few days, because otherwise further rents and operating costs arise or because the landlord already has a new prospective tenant. This means no problem for our service company, because our team is very flexible. If necessary, our specialists are also happy to work overtime to vacate an apartment.
We also work on Sundays and public holidays so that we can execute an order on time. You simply let us know when we can start with the apartment dissolution and we will be there on time.

Transport and environmentally friendly disposal

In our containers, which we bring with us, all recyclables as well as rubbish and bulky waste are separated immediately. We load any recyclable items from the apartment onto our transporter and bring them directly to dealers or collectors or to our warehouse. Since our trained employees work hand in hand, the dissolution of the apartment proceeds quickly. Once all the rooms have been cleared, our staff will clean the floors and free the walls from dust and spider webs that may have formed behind the cupboards.
Further activities of our service company

Many landlords require that the apartment must be in the same condition as when it was handed over. So if you want to receive the deposit when you hand over the keys, some renovation work will be necessary. Old wallpaper must be removed and replaced or the walls need a new coat of paint. In many apartments the parquet floors must be sanded down and re-sealed so that the landlord has nothing to complain about. Part of our follow-up work at a glance:

  • Painting
  • sanitary installation
  • object cleaning
  • terms of office
  • electrical work
  • flooring removal

Our company will be happy to carry out all these renovations for you at fair prices. You don’t have to contact different craftsmen who carry out these works. Our wide range of services will save you a lot of time and effort.
Service call: 0911 980 617 24

We would be pleased if you would also place your trust in us and entrust us with your apartment dissolution in Nuremberg!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the costs for dissolving an apartment in Nuremberg?

A dissolution of an apartment did not always cost the same amount, because the amount is made up of many different factors. For example, the floor, the content to be transported, the size and height of the apartment and the type of furniture that has to be transported have to be taken into account. Access to the premises also plays an important role. The type of work to be carried out is also decisive in determining the costs. Are there any styrofoam ceilings or are there any deconstructions and wooden panelling to be removed? This also plays into the costs. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding and individual offer at the usual market prices. We are already looking forward to your inquiry.

In which environment are we active?

Our company works mainly in the greater area of Nuremberg and the surrounding area of Nuremberg.

Do we also take over partial evacuations?

In any case. We are happy to clear individual rooms for you.

What additional services do we offer?

We are happy to offer you an all-round package. We take care of a professional evacuation and also take care of the subsequent renovation, including handing over the keys and wallpapering and custom work. We commission selected partner companies to install the electrical and sanitary systems.

Do we also take over the dissolution of entire houses?

Yes, we are also happy to carry out the clearing of an entire house or a semi-detached house.

How do I get an appointment? Are appointments still available?

Surely we still have a suitable date available for your project. As a rule, we will arrange a first viewing appointment within 24 hours. We will then prepare an individual offer for you. Simply get in touch with us.

Do we also dispose professionally?

Waste separation, environmental protection and nature conservation are our top priorities. We take care of a professional disposal by means of different containers – also for hazardous waste.

Who can commission us?

Both commercial and private customers.

Which vehicles are used?

We have our own fleet of vehicles, which is perfectly equipped for apartment dissolutions.

How long does an apartment evacuation take?

Of course, the duration of our work always depends on the size of the property. Normally, we need a few working days – in rare days – for an evacuation.

Customer feedback

From Sören Köhler on Google+:“Many thanks again for the excellent clearing of our old apartment. The large apartment of my father with the numerous furniture was certainly a challenge. All the more grateful I am for the uncomplicated and competent implementation of the apartment resolution.”

Flat Clearance for all Nürnberg districts

The Nürnberg districts and areas in which we are active (Text only in german!):

Altstadt und engere Innenstadt: Altstadt (St. Lorenz / St. Sebald), Marienvorstadt, Tafelhof, Gostenhof, Himpfelshof, St. Johannis, Pirckheimerstraße, Wöhrd; | Weiterer Innenstadtgürtel Süd: Ludwigsfeld, Glockenhof, Guntherstraße, Galgenhof, Hummelstein, Gugelstraße, Steinbühl, Gibitzenhof, Sandreuth, Schweinau; | Weiterer Innenstadtgürtel West/Nord/Ost: St. Leonhard, Sündersbühl, Bärenschanze, Sandberg, Bielingplatz, Uhlandstraße, Maxfeld, Veilhof, Tullnau, Gleißhammer; | Südöstliche Außenstadt: Dutzendteich, Rangierbahnhof-Siedlung, Langwasser Nordwest, Langwasser Nordost, Beuthener Straße, Altenfurt Nord, Langwasser Südost, Langwasser Südwest, Altenfurt, Moorenbrunn, Gewerbepark Nürnberg-Feucht; | Südliche Außenstadt: Hasenbuck, Rangierbahnhof, Katzwanger Straße, Dianastraße, Trierer Straße, Gartenstadt, Werderau, Maiach, Katzwang, Reichelsdorf Ost, Reichelsdorfer Keller, Kornburg, Worzeldorf; | Südwestliche Außenstadt: Hohe Marter, Röthenbach West & Ost, Eibach, Reichelsdorf, Krottenbach, Mühlhof; | Westliche Außenstadt: Großreuth bei Schweinau, Gebersdorf, Gaismannshof, Höfen, Eberhardshof, Muggenhof; | Nordwestliche Außenstadt: Westfriedhof, Schniegling, Wetzendorf, Buch, Thon, Almoshof, Kraftshof, Neunhof, Boxdorf, Großgründlach; | Nordöstliche Außenstadt: Schleifweg, Schoppershof, Schafhof, Marienberg, Ziegelstein, Mooshof, Buchenbühl, Flughafen; | Östliche Außenstadt: St. Jobst, Erlenstegen, Mögeldorf, Schmausenbuckstraße, Laufamholz, Zerzabelshof, Fischbach, Brunn; | Weitere: Gärten hinter der Veste

In addition, we also offer our services in the following locations: (Text only in german!): Bayern | Fürth | Erlangen | Roth | Schwabach | Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz | Neustadt an der Aisch | Mittelfranken | Schwaig bei Nürnberg

Further areas in which we have specialized: Betriebsauflösungen | Büroauflösungen | Dachbodenauflösungen | Firmenauflösungen | Gastronomieauflösungen | Geschäftsauflösungen | Hausauflösungen | Kellerauflösungen | Ladenauflösungen | Nachlassverwertungen | Praxisauflösungen